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Fabric samples for beautiful room schemes


From an early age I was both fascinated with and drawn towards colours, designs and the tactile feel of fabrics and textiles. This inevitably led to studying art, culminating in completing a Textiles Degree at University. Along the way I also learnt the art of traditional upholstery which I have always considered complementary to textile design itself. Combining these two passions - the love of patterns and design - I was inspired to create a distinctive range of pattern fabrics and beautiful wallpapers.
The creative starting point for my debut collection, "Baraja", was a highly decorative historical deck of Spanish playing cards. These early, intricate playing cards featured batons, bells, coins, cups and swords, which I used as inspiration to hand-carve a set of motifs. Through the process of lino printing, which produces a lovely irregular texture,  I developed them into playful compositions - I love the idea that the finished design is not at first what it seems!
I hoped to make a collection that is fun, colourful, lively and animated, with enduring appeal. All the fabrics in this range have been designed to complement each other, providing endless options for decorating schemes. The "Baraja" collection is the first of many to come! I have thoroughly enjoyed designing them all and I hope you enjoy them too.
All my fabrics and wallpapers are printed in England.
If you would like more information on my designs please contact me.
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